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cutting machine

cutting machine

Product Details

The cutting machine is an electronic product. The cutting machine can store 100 sets of data, 6 kinds of cutting and stripping modes, and can be used with the adjustment. The new energy of the cutting machine, the complete set of electric power, and the special meter box.

The automatic cutting machine adopts one PLC to control two stepping motors, one for driving two conveying wheels to rotate the line for conveying, and one for driving the wire slot to rotate, so that the wire slot is The finished product can be poured into the finished product tank. The cutting is powered by the air pump, and the PLC controls the solenoid valve to supply power to the cylinder to make it press down.

First, a brief introduction to the functions of the main components:

1 Incoming wheel: conveying wire and stripping the wire. The stripping machine strips the thread and strips the tail at the time of stripping the short line (the line length is less than 50mm). In addition to the stripping head, the stripping machine has the function of peeling off the middle part.

2 Outlet wheel: wire and strip the wire stripper. (The stripping machine has no effect when stripping the short line. You need to make the “outlet wheel lift knob” in the “u” position)

3 Incoming wheel gap adjustment knob: Adjust the gap of the wire stripper The upward swirling gap is increased, and the downward swirling clearance is reduced (adjusted according to the thickness of the wire).

4 Stripping machine inlet pressure adjustment knob: adjust the pressure of the wire rod of the stripping machine, rotate clockwise after pulling out, the pressure of the inlet wheel increases, and rotate counterclockwise after pulling out The reel pressure is reduced. (According to the wire strength of the wire, it is difficult to peel the skin, it is difficult to increase the pressure, and the pressure is reduced)

5 When the wire is lifted: When the wire stripper is threaded Raise the input wheel, turn the knob clockwise to lift the input wheel so that it can pass through the wire smoothly; when working, put down the input wheel and turn the knob counterclockwise to lower the input wheel and press the wire.

6 Outlet wheel clearance adjustment knob: Adjust the wire wheel clearance for the wire stripper, increase the upward rotation gap, and reduce the downward rotation clearance (adjust according to the thickness of the wire).

7 Outlet wheel pressure adjustment knob: adjusts the pressure of the wire wheel for the wire stripper. After pulling out, it rotates counterclockwise. The pressure of the wire wheel increases. When pulled out, it rotates clockwise, and the pressure of the wire wheel decreases. (According to the wire strength of the wire, it is difficult to peel the wire, the pressure is increased, and the pressure is reduced)

8 The lifting wheel lifts the knob: when the wire is taken out Pull out the reel, turn the knob counterclockwise to lift the reel, so that the wire can be taken out smoothly; when working, lower the reel and turn the knob clockwise to lower the reel. (When using the short stripping procedure, the output wheel should be lifted)

9 Tool holder assembly: In the stripping machine, it is responsible for the cutting of the wire, peeling and stripping, and in the state of stop, The next two blades need to be opened to the maximum so that the wire passes smoothly through the tool.

Thread cutting machine

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