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  • Bundle machine built-in map

    Bundle machine built-in map1. After the installation is completed, check whether the machine is stable and find that there is an unstable place for reinforcement. 2. P Contact Now

  • Beaming machine

    Beaming machine1, bundle wire machine (with frequency control cabinet, left and right steering, pitch wheel, manual lifting plate, cable GP20 type). 2. 50 Contact Now

  • Beaming machine

    Beaming machineThe frequency conversion beam machine (stranding machine) BCS400 is mainly used for plastic, rubber wire, cable, stranded bare copper wire, Contact Now

  • Double-plate non-metallic wrapping

    Double-plate non-metallic wrappingThe cable gland is used with other equipment, and the installation location is user-defined. When installing the cable skimmer, the groundin Contact Now

  • Double disc non-metallic wrapping

    Double disc non-metallic wrappingAll-electric steel strip armoring machine is mainly used for steel cable armor of large cables. Take-up rack-wire device-meter meter-main mo Contact Now

  • double-disc non-metallic wrapping

    double-disc non-metallic wrappingThe copper tape wrapping machine is also a kind of armoring machine. It is mainly used for wire armor of various cables and also for copper Contact Now

  • Half-cut multi-layer wrapping machine for skid-mounted machine Product details Semi-cut multi-layer wrapping machine, mainly used for wrappi Contact Now

  • Single head back twister

    Single head back twisterThe equipment of the back-twisting machine: double-disc retracting mechanism, pay-off tension detecting frame, reel lifting mechanism, elect Contact Now

  • Retraction machine

    Retraction machineUse of the returning machine: It is suitable for the twisting and unwinding of insulated core wires of data cables of Category 5, Super 5 an Contact Now

  • LJ400-LJ630 Cage Cable Machine

    LJ400-LJ630 Cage Cable MachineThe cage winch is the production control cable, rubber cable, steel strand, steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper stranded wire, aluminu Contact Now

  • twisting machine

    twisting machineTwisted pair machine, also known as high-speed stranding machine, is a kind of wire and cable for copper wire stranding of computer cable, h Contact Now

  • European twisting machine

    European twisting machineTwisted pair machine, also known as high-speed stranding machine, is a kind of wire used for twisting of copper wire, earphone wire, electro Contact Now

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