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LJ400-LJ630 Cage Cable Machine

LJ400-LJ630 Cage Cable Machine

Product Details

The cage winch is the production control cable, rubber cable, steel strand, steel core aluminum stranded in the power supply cable factory. Special equipment for stranding of wire, copper stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire and soft stranded wire.

When the foundation of the cage machine is installed and is to be solidified, install the power supply wiring.

After everything is in place, the rotating parts should be lubricated and the motor started. After one hour of low speed operation, check the fastening parts for looseness. Any loose parts should be tightened. When all inspections are completed, run at high speed and check for no-load operation.

This machine strands 19 strands of copper cord, removes one or two sections of transmission components, and can produce 7 strands of stranded wire, or it can rewind 12 strands separately.

After installing the reel, pull the wire to the take-up reel, close the protective net, start the motor, and gradually adjust the speed. In the initial twisting of the core, check the tension of the elastic friction belt installed on the friction wheel of the reel, the tension of the friction belt is too large, it is easy to cause the broken wire, the tension of the friction belt is too small, and the reel is after the shutdown. The inner wire is easy to be inverted, so check the coil in the middle of rotation and after the machine is stopped before use and during use.

After the winding coil is full, stop the main engine, rotate the transmission connection to the lifting position, start the lifting knob to drop it, take out the winding shaft, install the empty disc, and then rise to the transmission connection. position. In the process of loading and unloading the empty plate, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the loading and unloading position of the transmission connection is in place.

Each time you start or change the reel, the governor must be reset to zero to prevent direct damage to the governor and to prevent the accidental accident from happening.



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