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XDJ630-XDJ1250 single twisted cable-cantilever type

XDJ630-XDJ1250 single twisted cable-cantilever type

Product Details

Automatic Cantilever Single Strand Cable Machine


Applicable to multi-core wire and cable assembly of five or six data cables, HDMI digital cable and computer cable. It can be used for synchronous tape (constant tension active vertical package) or passive side release tape (drag package). .

[Structure of Equipment]:

Distribution frame (active release, passive release, active return line), single strander mainframe, center strapping machine , side-mounted straps, metering devices, electronic control systems, etc.

[Technical Features Technique Feature]:

1. Adopting the cantilever structure, the rotary body has small rotation inertia, high rotation speed and stable operation, so the product performance is stable.

2. The reciprocating movement of the take-up box drives the left and right precision positions of the take-up reel, and the stranded cables are arranged neatly.

3. The computer has set the lay length, and has no excellent design such as the take-up wheel and the moving plate position, which ensures the tension balance of the line and shortens the cable crossing path.

4. Increase the diameter of the turning guide wheel to minimize cable bending and ensure the quality of the twisted cable.

5. Compared with the traditional single stranding machine, it avoids the unsafe factor of the broken lead screw at high speed.

6. The loading and unloading of the reel is convenient and the labor intensity is small.




cantilever single-strand internal structure (2)

cantilever single-strand internal structure


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