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EDT200-EDT1250 twisted cable

EDT200-EDT1250 twisted cable

Product Details

Cables is a wire and cable equipment for multi-core rubber cable, plastic cable, cross-linked cable, telephone cable, control cable, and cable for various cross-sections.

The cable-forming machine is mainly used for cable-forming of power cables, control cables, signal cables, plastic cables, rubber cables and other products.

Depending on the speed, the cable-forming machine can be generally divided into two types: cage type cable-forming machine and high-speed cage type cable-forming machine. Among them, the high-speed cage cable-forming machine is used for twisting of copper-core aluminum stranded wire and bare aluminum wire, and can also be used for cable-forming of plastic cable and rubber cable.

1. There are many varieties, all specifications, and wide application. Users can select the corresponding cable-forming equipment as needed.

2, with back and twist function. The back-twisting method includes a back-twist ring back-twisting and a planetary gear wheel back-twisting and a sprocket type back-twisting.

3. Pre-twisted forms are divided into manual pre-twisting and electric pre-twisting. The disc clamping is divided into manual and electric clamping. The winding line has shaft and shaftless forms.

At present, the company's main customers are from Central Europe, South America and South Africa. Our company constantly draws on advanced technology from Europe, America and Japan, and the main parts used in the machine are original products from Sakamoto, Taiwan and the United States. It can better produce high-speed extruders and high-speed silicone extrusion lines with advanced levels. Control cutting machine, high speed stranding machine and high speed electric control stranding machine, cable forming machine.

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