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Beaming machine

Beaming machine

Product Details

       The frequency conversion bundle machine (stranding machine) BCS400 is mainly used for plastics, Rubber wire, cable, stranded bare copper wire, aluminum wire core, automatic upper and lower wire plate mechanism. Simple and safe operation. Variable frequency wire drawing machine (BCS400 type is stranded copper soft or other soft core One kind of equipment is that a plurality of single-wire cores are twisted together according to a prescribed model, which is a kind of stranding speed is fast, and the beam length is regular according to a certain length (ie, pitch), which is convenient for production. The wire is covered with plastic or rubber.

      The wire drawing machine is driven by the hood, frame, variable frequency speed control motor, bow type strand frame, inlet shaft, worm gear, Traction, polished rod cable, hydraulic manual upper and lower coil device.


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