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old twisted pair machine

old twisted pair machine

Product Details

Twisted pair machine, also known as high-speed stranding machine, is a kind of computer cable, headphone cable, Copper wire stranded wire and cable equipment such as electronic wire, telephone wire, network cable, PVC, etc.

Twisted pair machines can be generally divided into manual tension twisting machines and automatic tension twisting machines. Among them, the manual tension is a dry plate friction method, and the tension is manually adjusted in the machine. The automatic tension is to use the toner clutch, and the tension is set on the control box installed outside the machine, which is more precise and accurate.

Main technical parameters of the twisting machine:

Machine speed: The higher the speed value, the higher the efficiency.

To the wire diameter: the smaller the value, the higher the precision. The technical difficulty has also increased accordingly.

Twisted area: The smaller the value, the greater the technical difficulty.

Drive motor: It is generally controlled by frequency conversion, which is easy to control the speed.

Twist: The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy.

Twist to the take-up reel: There are two types of right-in and left-in lines.

Noise Index: Reflects the amount of noise when the machine is operating.

Vibration Index: The smaller the value, the smoother the operation.

At present, the company's main customers are from Central Europe, South America and South Africa. Our company constantly draws on advanced technology from Europe, America and Japan, and the main parts used in the machine are original products from Sakamoto, Taiwan and the United States. It can better produce high-speed extruders and high-speed silicone extrusion lines with advanced levels. Control cutting machine, high speed stranding machine and high speed electric control stranding machine, cable forming machine.

Twisted pair internal structure


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