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Bow single stranding machine

Bow single stranding machine

Product Details

Single-twisting machine with a power motor at one end of the base and an axle above the power motor The pipe rack is provided with a twisted wire frame driven by a power motor, and a moving seat is arranged on the base with a moving seat, and an adjusting motor for driving the winding frame is arranged on the moving seat, wherein the power motor is connected with a belt by a belt. a drive shaft on the side, and a belt is connected between the drive shaft and the front pulley that drives the twisted wire frame, and the drive shaft tube at the other end of the drive shaft is connected with the differential by a belt, and the adjustment motor is driven by a belt and the differential Connected, the differential is connected to the reel by another belt via a central axis.

Single-spindle job content

1. Turn on the power switch and check if the machine is in the normal power-on state.

2, confirm whether the online specifications are correct according to the blueprint.

3. Pull the core wire from the tension frame guide wheel to the stranded eye die, peel off the outer PVC, twist the core wire and connect the lead wire to pull the core wire through the eye mold and pull it to On the rubber shaft.

4. Set the parameters such as the lay length, twisting direction, supply line tension, and belt tension according to the blueprint.

5. Set the total number of twisted wires and the number of meters in advance according to the order requirements.

6, start the machine. The first inspection checks to confirm the qualified rear energy production.

7. In the normal operation of the machine, do autonomous inspection.

8. When the lower shaft is wound, wrap the core wire with the cleaning film, attach the label, and place it in the designated place.

9. When wrapping aluminum foil, select the appropriate size and twisting direction according to the engineering blueprint, and install it in the direction of the tape with the uniform direction, and adjust the suitable tension to contact the core wire with the conductive aluminum foil surface.

10, the speed of the aluminum foil package should be balanced with the twisting speed of the core wire.





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