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Extrusion machine safety technical operation procedures
- 2019-05-10-

Extruder Safety Technical Practices:

1. The operator must be familiar with this procedure, and after passing the examination, wear protective equipment. As the equipment.

Two. Production preparation:

1. Before starting the machine, the operator should check the lubrication, transmission, electrical control, etc. of the various parts of the equipment, and find the problem in time. Find relevant personnel to solve. All kinds of production tools should be complete, and the measuring tools should be proofread accurately.

2. Select the mold according to the requirements of the product and adjust the mold spacing.

3 To start the heating system 2-3 hours in advance, adjust the temperature of each section according to the process regulations to prevent the temperature control from being too high or too high.

4. During the pre-production process, high quality semi-finished products were inspected, should be free of oil, water, cables, used for cholera and other phenomena, view the project record card, notice the label of the operation, and have an operation check to the previous pass Qualified certification before it can be produced.

5. The length of the product is ready on the corresponding production line and the cable tray is checked for presence or absence of a hole.

6. Prepare the traction rope and observe the oil pump pressure, air pressure, traction speed, down, open ribbon cable, automatic paper feeding device, heating control system, electrical switch of the department, water flow, confirm that there is no problem, the latter Car production.

Three. Startup

1. Put the qualified plastic into the hopper, open the inserting plate, start the screw and continue to run the glue. The operator should pay attention to the feeding condition and observe the screw pressure. Note that the screw gear box is abnormal in the barrel. At this time, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine to prevent problems.

2. After the plastic is extruded from the outer die, observe the plastic plastic. When the plastic is about to be plasticized, start to adjust the mold, adjust the thickness of the plastic evenly, and prevent the deviation of the plastic layer.

3. Sampling and checking the thickness of the plastic according to the process regulations, and checking the plastic after extrusion The quality, such as stomata, trachoma, surface plasticization, sputum and other impurities, cross-section should not be visible to the naked eye, etc..

4. All conditions are normal, production can meet the requirements of the process, should be actively organized Personnel start up, work separately when driving, and closely cooperate

5. Wear the lead wire, the semi-finished product and the lead wire should be firmly connected, prevent the pull open, the joint should be tightly packed to prevent the cable core from entering the water, the joint There must be someone to look at the sink.

6. Pay attention to the following points during normal production:

  a.Quality of the product

b. Mechanical operation of equipment parts

c. Control system of heating system

d.Change of screw and traction speed

e.Do three times: diligently measure outer diameter, check quality, and observe equipment.<>

7. Record labels, track data sheets, records, etc.

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