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Introduction to the main components of the cutting machine
- 2019-04-10-

Cutters A brief introduction to the main components:

1. Incoming wheel: conveying wire and stripping wire. The stripping machine strips the thread and strips the tail at the time of stripping the short line (the line length is less than 50mm). In addition to the stripping head, the stripping machine has the function of peeling off the middle part.

2, the output wheel: the wire is stripped for the wire stripper and the tail is stripped.

3. Incoming wheel gap adjustment knob: adjust the gap of the liner of the stripping machine, increase the upward swirling clearance, and turn the gap downward Reduced.

4, wire stripping machine inlet pressure adjustment knob: adjust the pressure of the wire wheel of the wire stripper, rotate clockwise after pulling out, enter the wire wheel The pressure increases, and when it is pulled out, it rotates counterclockwise, and the pressure of the inlet wheel decreases.

5. The input wheel lifts the knob: the wire stripper lifts the input wheel when threading, and turns the knob clockwise to lift the input wheel. It can pass through the wire smoothly; when working, put down the input wheel and turn the knob counterclockwise to lower the input wheel and press the wire.

6. Outlet wheel gap adjustment knob: adjust the wire wheel gap for the wire stripper, increase the upward swirling clearance, and decrease the downward swirling clearance. .

7. Outlet wheel pressure adjustment knob: adjust the pressure of the wire wheel for the wire stripper, rotate counterclockwise after pulling out, increase the pressure of the wire wheel, pull out After clockwise rotation, the input wheel pressure is reduced.

8. The output wheel lifts the knob: when the wire is taken out, the output wheel is lifted, and the knob is turned counterclockwise to lift the wire wheel so that the wire can be taken out smoothly; Lower the take-up reel while working and turn the knob clockwise to lower the take-up reel.

    1. The use of the cutting machine has a strict use process, this machine needs to use a dedicated power supply, and in accordance with the relevant power distribution requirements Insert the corresponding terminal block.

    2. During the operation of the cutting machine, it is forbidden to touch the charged and rotating parts, otherwise it is easy to have a leakage accident, which occurs accident.

    3. There are counters, touch screens, servo controllers, etc. installed inside the cutting machine, which are some high-precision controls. Electrical appliances. In the process of using these appliances, we must adjust the relevant parameters to ensure the correct use of the cutting machine.

    4. In the process of power distribution of the cutting machine, we must ensure that the power is off, and the electrical appliances used by it Meet government standards to ensure machine safety.

    These are some of the safety warnings for using the cutting machine. In general, the precautions for the use of the cutting machine are There are so many people who must be careful when using the cutting machine. On the one hand, it protects the machine and can extend the service life. On the other hand, it can enhance the safety of the operators themselves and reduce unnecessary losses.


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