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Daily operation attention details of high-speed stranding machine
- 2019-08-06-

      ;  High-speed stranding machine There are many safety incidents when using it, and many people often use industrial machines because of Ignore some attention to detail, so we must pay more attention to it. For example, the industry commonly used to the copper beam machine, the wire machine, the copper machine, the stranding machine, the extruder, the extruder stranding machine in industrial manufacturing. It is also used in large quantities. Let's explain to you the following matters:

      Whether the safety device is complete, whether the moving parts are flexible and reliable, and whether it is loose. Close the protective cover, check if there are any people and other unsafe factors near the machine. Turn on the alarm bell and turn it on. Do not use jog instead of normal start to operate the equipment for a long time. Always check and tighten the screws on the gland frame cover to prevent loosening. After changing the line, check whether the top of the pay-off rack is tight and locked. When the equipment is in operation, it shall not cross the operating part, and no one may stay or move in the dangerous area of the specified equipment. When the equipment is running, when observing the condition of the pay-off reel, it should be observed at the head or tail of the twisted body. Generally, it should not be observed in the middle of the twisted body to prevent accidents. When the equipment is running, the shifting gear is not allowed, and the wiping equipment and cleaning are not allowed. When the equipment is running, it must constantly observe the operation of the equipment. If abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately. Equipment failure does not preclude driving. When using the hanging hoist, it is not allowed to pull the sling, hoist or overload, the hanging belt should be checked frequently, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. When the twisted wire of the stranding machine has a twist, it should be prevented from squeezing the die holder. Keep the work area clean and unobstructed. If there are any waste wires and debris under the strands, you can drive after cleaning. The reels are placed neatly in the specified area. Empty discs are shipped out of the channel in time. Pay attention to fire sources and prevent fires. Once the equipment components are found to be overheated, stop immediately and report to the personnel immediately.

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