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United States launches new wood-plastic extrusion machine
- 2019-04-10-
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  Cincinnati Milacron has recently introduced its new TC96 conical twin-screw Extrusion Machine to the market. The machine is suitable for processing wood fiber and plastic synthetic materials, and has high processing efficiency, and the output per hour reaches 1.18 tons or more.


  The unique high compression and low shear of the extruder allows it to provide a uniform melt, thereby increasing high fiber With a material input of more than 70% and a wide range of material processing, it can process natural and synthetic fiber blends, thermoplastics that are sensitive to heat and shear. The TC96 has a larger screw diameter of 202 mm, a conical taper to 96 mm, and a 30:1 aspect ratio. The optimized feed surface provides faster, more uniform heat transfer. The tapered screw provides fluffy material. A fast feed zone and a natural compression process during processing allows the wood chips to mix more efficiently.


  Cincinnati 100 wood-plastic composite production lines entered Finland, and Cincinnati, Austria, was provided to the Finnish UPM Group in Helsinki in May this year. 100 wood-plastic composite material compression molding production lines.


  UPM Group manufactures a wide range of wood-based products for furniture and related industries for indoor and outdoor applications, for example, Floors, panels and profiles. It has just succeeded in producing a new composite of paper, plastic and wood chips, which are by-products of the production of plywood. Thanks to this blended prepreg, the resulting composite is extremely strong and moisture-proof, and can be processed like wood.


  To process this composite, UPM Group uses a Cincinnati extrusion company specifically designed to accommodate wood-plastic composites. As a pioneer in WPC compression technology and a pioneer in the current market, this Viennese machine manufacturer has a wealth of expertise in machine and process technology. With its Fiberex range of conical presses and matching downstream equipment, it offers a truly custom-made solution. Relying on continuous improvement, Cincinnati has successfully used the wood compression technology for the usual profile molding process.


   Cincinnati’s company emphasizes that even asymmetric, highly complex profiles can be machined in two lines at speeds up to 5m/ Min. The first mass-produced products entered the market, proving that wood extrusion has become a lucrative industry. After its successful introduction into the US market, there is now a growing demand in Europe.


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