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Daily maintenance of the shaker
- 2019-05-30-


With the development of mechanical technology, the shaker gradually enters people's field of vision. During the use of the shaker, the operator often overlooks the daily maintenance of the shaker.


Shake machine is mainly used for various The automatic loop forming process of the wire. It can be directly connected to the extrusion line to achieve automatic control of the entire ring forming process. During the maintenance of the shaker, the operator should understand the working principle of the shaker and operate in strict accordance with the operating rules of the shaker. The shaker realizes automatic control such as feeding, aligning and cutting. Therefore, before using the shaker, check all parts of the shaker to make sure the machine is free of problems before recirculating the package.


Normal startup is also part of the shaker maintenance. Before starting, you must ensure that the shaker is not lacking in lubricant. Lubricating oil should be selected from the regular manufacturer's lubricating oil. To ensure no precipitation, the operator should regularly add lubricating oil according to the needs of the shaker. Many manufacturers use the shaker to add lubricant only after the lubricant is basically used up. This way, the method will wear out the parts of the shaker and reduce the service life of the shaker.

In the mechanical production process, operators often neglect the cleanliness of the machine tool, which is not advisable. The shaker must be kept clean while the machine is running. For areas contaminated with oil, wipe as little as possible with water, which will rust the machine. To prevent the shaker from rusting, the operator can apply rust on the shaker with paint.


In the maintenance process, the damage of the handle, button and button should be checked frequently, and the damaged parts should be repaired in time to avoid affecting the work. After the shaker stops working, the machine must be completely cleaned after the machine parts have completely stopped rotating to ensure the safety of the workers.


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