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Operation procedure of the wire drawing machine
- 2019-06-20-


Operation procedure of the wire-drawing machine

1. After the installation is completed, check whether the machine is stable and find that there is an unstable place for reinforcement. 2, do a slow rotation for 10 minutes before starting the machine, check whether the components are firm after the shutdown, whether there is oil shortage of the lubrication components, and solve any problems that are detected. 3. Prepare the bundle before making the bundle according to the specifications, number of strands and wire diameter of the copper strand. Ready to twist the stranded copper wire into the bobbin hole, introduce the bow ring reel through the twisted reel, and then twist the stranded wire through the traction wheel and the light bar cable through the lead-in wheel. With it. Adjust the required pitch. 4. The wire drawing machine is configured to adopt variable frequency control speed regulation and adopt ordinary motor. The copper wire drawn from the wire reel installed on the wire take-up frame (user-supplied) should be rotated slowly after being manually introduced into the wire-drawing machine, so that the introduced copper wire is continuously turned on and can be operated normally. . 5. The upper and lower reels are adjusted by the hydraulic lifting system to make the loading and unloading coils more convenient. When the reel is installed, the operating lever should be placed in the original position, so that the arcuate rotating ring is separated from the working plane of the upper and lower reel to prevent foreign objects under the working disc. 6. Install the reel to make the reel flexible between the top wheels. Each time the reel is installed, it should be noted whether the locking stud is tightened, so that the reel is detached between the top wheels, causing the arcuate rotating ring to collide. The machine is damaged. 7. When the wire tying machine is twisted, the transmission of the take-up reel is frictionally slipped by the front friction wheel, and the friction belt on the friction wheel should be adjusted to adapt to the twisted bundle wire.

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