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The advantages and processes of the looper
- 2019-08-01-
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Advantages of Looping Machine

1, loading and unloading the reel is quick and convenient when the user operates;

2, the automatic brake does not tamper with the line, and the lifting plate adopts the lifting mechanism to reduce the labor;

3. During the work process, the automatic cable is arranged, the coiling speed is fast, and the cable is neat. Beautiful, the speed of the plate is fast;

4, after the wire is looped, the cable is neat and beautiful, can be quickly bundled and easily removed, high efficiency and short time;

5, according to different series of products that users can continuously improve, to meet the needs of many users;

6, wire looping, tying, packaging, etc. Order only one person to complete.

Safety operation process of the looper

1. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there are any debris on the workbench of the machine, whether the screws are loose, and whether the power switch is connected. Whether the specifications of the enameled wire meet the requirements. If it is confirmed to be qualified, it should be turned on. If the fault is found, it should be reported to the foreman or biotech technician for repair.

2, first run the empty car after starting up, pay attention to check whether the cable of the machine, the number of windings, the reset mode, the parking position, etc. meet the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, the above must be repeated. Steps, re-adjust until the requirements are met.

3. When the screw is loose or abnormal during operation, immediately press the emergency stop switch and repair it immediately.

4. When the coiler is running at high speed, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moving parts. The machine is strictly used according to the operating specifications of the loop forming machine. It is forbidden to start the machine when hanging the thread and loading and unloading the skeleton fixture.

5. Carefully clean and maintain the equipment, clean the surrounding area, place the product parts neatly, and turn off the power.


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