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Working content of cable maintenance for armoring machine
- 2019-08-01-

       InstallationThe work content of cable maintenance

      Road repair, renovation and expansion of other aspects of road construction in urban construction, increasing the intensity, large machinery Construction damages telecommunications pipes, and accidents that cause damage, damage, and blockage of optical cable lines that cause communication interruptions often occur. Strengthening the daily patrol of telecommunication pipelines is an effective means to reduce or avoid damage to the optical cable lines due to external forces.

Periodic non-scheduled testing of fiber backups

Scheduled periodic testing of spare fiber cores is an important means of finding hidden barriers to fiber optic cable cores. Most of the metro optical cable segments have a large number of cores. The current monitoring system can not monitor every core. One cable can only monitor several cores. The blocking of non-occupied cores can only be passed periodically in most cases. Regular fiber preparation tests to discover.

Emergency repair

In the process of repairing the breakage of the optical cable line, the cable line maintenance department should closely cooperate with the transmission equipment maintenance department and obey the dispatch of the transmission maintenance department. Under normal circumstances, the optical system alarms, the transmission department first determines whether it is a fiber-optic line problem, and immediately informs the cable line maintenance department that the maintenance personnel further determines the fault type, range, and location of the optical cable line through the core test. In this case, it is necessary to cooperate with the transmission department to temporarily jump the interrupted optical system to other spare cores for communication recovery.

Technology Management

For a metro optical cable network, there may be several optical cables for the same route, and there may be several optical cable transmission routes in the same office direction, so that dynamic scientific management is required:

(1) Structure, number of cores, physical routing directions, contacts and divergence points of each cable.

(2) The use of the core of each cable in transmission.

(3) The ODM of the ODF entered by each cable.

(4) The position and number of the ODF in the transmission room, the position and number of the optical end.

(5) The correspondence between the jumper and the core of each optical end; in the jumper, the one-to-one correspondence between the ends of each jumper and the core.


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