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Operation procedure for cabling process655677772 I. Equipment composition and use The equipment is composed of a twisting cage, a wrapping head, a steel head, a tractor, a lead device and an electrical control part, etc., mainly used for insulated wires. 65787724567772Operating procedure for cable-forming process _ News Dynamic _ King Lyle Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.6789772Operation procedure for cable-forming process 65607772Cable machine Operating procedures for the cabling process66787772The following is a description of the
- 2019-05-08-

The following is a description of the cable machine by Hangzhou KingLaier Electromechanical EquipmentLimited Company Cable technology.

       1. Composition and use of the device

This device is made up of a cage It is composed of a wrap-around head, a steel head, a tractor, a lead device and an electrical control part. It is mainly used for cable-forming and steel tape armoring of insulated cores.

II. Process Preparation

1. Place the tool and gauge on the tool table and check if the gauge is zero.

2. Check whether the equipment is in various parts. Normal, if there is any abnormality, report the repairman's repair immediately.

3. Prepare the semi-finished materials according to the production plan and check whether the semi-finished products have passed the inspection.

4. Replace the process according to the requirements. Twisting cage, wrapping, armoring, towing gear, and selecting the mold according to the craft card

5. Prepare the loading tray according to the production plan, and check whether the receiving tray is in good condition and will be in good condition. The reel is mounted on the take-up reel.

6. Place one end of the leash on the mold base, and the other end is wrapped around the steel, leading the belt, and after 3 to 4 turns of traction, the line will be produced. , the end is fixed on the pay-off reel

III. Process operation procedures

1. Open the cage to the appropriate position, then tighten the brake and lift the insulated wire to the Tighten the loading screw on the wire frame, then loosen the brake, adjust the tension of the wire, and pull the wire core through the wire hole and the pre-torque roller to the front of the mold. Then install the other cores in the same way as above.

2. Install the filling cord and pass it along the core with the core, pull it to the mold and tie it with the core.

3. Fasten the core and the leash, and the diameter of the joint part must not exceed 10% of the outer diameter.

4. The direction of the fan core to be twisted is opposite to the direction of the cage. The amount of pre-twisting is related to the pitch of the cable. It is mainly to enter the mold without turning over, and tighten the pre-torsion wheel.

5. After turning the cable core over the mold base, install the mold. When driving to the toe cap, stop the belt or steel strip in turn, adjust the winding of the wire core, and guide the position of the steel strip to make the gap or overlap meet the requirements

6. When the cable core passes When the meter wheel is turned, the meter wheel will be returned to zero and the meter will start to be metered.

7. When the cable core reaches the traction wheel, stop, check whether the product meets the technical requirements, and confirm the qualified before driving. p>

8. When the line end reaches the take-up reel, cut off the unqualified part, and fix the line end on the take-up reel, then turn it on

9. Always check it after booting. Cable, wrapped, steel The condition should be adjusted immediately if there is any problem

IV. Quality requirements

1. The appearance of the cable must be complete, the cable outer diameter, cable pitch, wrapping overlap, steel The gap between the belts should meet the process requirements.

2. It is strictly forbidden to have mechanical damage in the insulated core.

3. The alignment should be neat and orderly, and there should be no crossover. >

The above is the cable-casting process of the cable-laying machine that Jinlaier Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. tells everyone. I hope that everyone can help. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult!


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