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How the cable machine works
- 2019-05-08-

    Simply put cables is the device used to cable , that is, the equipment that twists and twists the insulated cores together and fills them, and is suitable for multi-core rubber cables, plastic cables, cross-linked cables, and various cross-sections. Telephone cable and control cable are cabled and mounted.

Today, Hangzhou Jinlaier Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a small series for everyone to introduce the cable machine Operation and precautions:

1. Preparation before starting the machine

(1) The operator first checks the lubrication of all the rotating parts of the machine, the position of the shifting handle is in place, all parts of the machine Whether it is normal, whether the twisting cage is flexible or not, whether the returning bolt is placed correctly, whether the cradle bolt is tightened, whether all the safety devices are good, and the speed is first run after the inspection.

(2) According to the technical requirements of the product, prepare the cable before the cable is hoisted to the frame, and choose to use the twist or twist. Then, the core is led from the reel to the front end of the splitter disc, and after passing through the manual twisting head, the cable head is taken out, and the cable head is taken out by a traction cable. At this time, the machine is started to run slowly, so that the led cable has Sufficient length, after several rounds on the traction wheel, start the machine again. After a certain period of operation, the twisted cable can be wound onto the reel.

2. Lifting the reels and brakes

Position the cage frame in the upper top horizontal position, tighten the brakes, open the bearing pads, and lift the reels into the frame with a crane. Close the bearing bush and tighten the bolt, release the brake, adjust the lifting wire to the bottom, tighten the brake, and then hoist other wire tray according to the above method.


< p=""> Non-production personnel are away from the scene. No one should enter the restricted area after starting the machine. When replacing the reel, you must first pull off the power and then change the reel to prevent the electrical failure. After the production is completed, you must first remove the power and then remove it from the site. First power off, wait until the car is stopped, you can enter the scene, you must not repair while production, during the repair period, the electrical part should have someone to look after or lock the switch box to prevent accidents.

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