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Installation and production operations of skimmers
- 2019-06-05-
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Installation MachineInstallation Editor


The cable skimmer is used with other equipment and the installation location is user-defined.

When the cable gland is installed, the anchors should be buried and the leveling equipment should be calibrated and filled with cement mortar. During the pouring, the machine should be turned on after solidification.

The governor connection on the cable skimmer should be performed by an electrical technician.

Editing machine production operation editing

Before starting the cable skimmer, it should be equipped Required steel strip or copper strip and lock nut.

When starting, release the stepless speed adjustment handle (if the adjustment position is not easy to start, pay special attention to this method of operation), slowly rotate with the variable speed motor, then Adjust the stepless shift knob to accommodate the armored cable.

Adjustment of the steel strip or copper strip: When starting for the first time, the fixed guide wheel on the guide rod should be adjusted according to the bandwidth and the speed of the wrapped armor. The angle before or after start-up should be adjusted according to the actual speed, bandwidth and diameter.

The cable armor adopts the dual function of the speed regulating motor and CVT to adjust the bandwidth armoring and wrapping gap.


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