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High-speed stranding machine cable project started in 2019
- 2019-07-16-

A new round of cycles has begun in 2019, this year Which rail transit projects will start construction? Take a quick look at this new and new summary!

High Speed Stranding Machine-The wire and cable project you are looking for is scheduled to start 3--2019 Summary of urban rail projects:

Hefei Rail Transit Line 8 Project: The Environmental Impact Report of Rail Transit Line 8 has been approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with a total length of 44.82 kilometers and a total of 25 stations.

2. Hujia Intercity Rail Project: The total length of the line is about 57 kilometers (about 30 kilometers in Jiaxing), about 10 stations, with a total investment of about 20 billion.

3. Weihai City Rail Line No. 1: It will start construction in June 2019, with a length of 49.1km and a total investment of 27.37 billion.

4. Weifang Urban Rail Transit Line 1: The length of the line is 24.2km. It is expected to start construction in 2019.

5. Yichang Rail Transit Phase I: Construction will start next year and be completed in 2024. The estimated total investment is about 37.6 billion. The total length of the whole network is 124.7 kilometers, with 57 stations and 9 transfer stations.

6. Mianyang Light Rail: It is planned to complete the preliminary preparation work of the project before the end of November 2019. It has the conditions for starting construction, and the first phase of the construction of Line 1 of Kefa Avenue to the Xianyang Yangjiawan 23.45 km, 1 Line Science City Spur Line (Furong Stream to Science City) is 4.3 km; Line 2 Phase I Project is from Jinjialin to Tanggu South 18.91 km. The line network plan for 2020 consists of lines 1-3 with a total length of 64.6 kilometers.

7. Maanshan Rail Transit Line 1: The first phase of Line 1 (Beihuan Road Tiefu Road) and Nanjing Line 8 are 2.86 kilometers long with a total investment of 4 billion.

8. From Nanjing to Jurong Intercity Rail Transit: The total length of the route is 44.07 kilometers; there are 16 stations in total, and the project investment is estimated to be 20.975 billion.

9. The urban rail transit network of the city: the project mileage is 213.3km and the station is 17.

10. The three rail transit construction projects in Chongqing were approved: the new phase 4, the fifth and the fifth line, the first and second lines, the first and second phases, and the second and second phases. Eight projects, such as the 10th line and the ring line, will have a total length of about 215.04 kilometers by 2022.

11. Changchun Rail Transit Phase III: The National Development and Reform Commission approved the construction plan for the third phase of Changchun Rail Transit, and the Changchun Municipal Planning Bureau studied and implemented the implementation plan for the third phase of rail transit construction. Project mileage: 135.4 kilometers, investment: 78.732 billion.


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