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Resolving the same direction-parallel--double screw extruder
- 2019-04-10-

1 Preface


In recent years, with the continuous development of polymer modified materials, the requirements for mixing equipment are getting higher and higher. Twin-screw Extruder is a type of equipment used in continuous mixers, and of course it is widely Concern, the more research around it. At present, according to the development trend at home and abroad, the twin-screw extruder is mainly developed in terms of high speed, high torque, large amount of extrusion and low energy consumption. The split-type parallel-parallel twin-screw extruder can quickly open the barrel and carry out high-speed and high-torque extruder for material cleaning.  


Second, structural characteristics


Dissection of the same-parallel twin-screw extruder The feature is: the barrel can be split at the same time, the screw and the inner liner of the barrel can be combined at will.


1. Splitting barrel. In the past, the twin-screw extruder barrel was integral and could not be opened. The split type twin-screw extruder is a split type, which consists of upper and lower halves of the barrel, the lower half of the barrel is fixed on the frame, and the upper half of the barrel is connected to the lower half of the barrel by a worm gear reducer. Usually, the upper half barrel and the lower half barrel are bolted with two rows of bolts. When the barrel needs to be opened, just loosen the bolt and turn the handle of the worm wheel box to open the barrel.


2, building block screw and barrel. The screw and barrel of the split-type twin-screw extruder mainframe adopt advanced "building block" design. The screw is composed of various types of screw blocks set on the mandrel. The inner bushing in the cylinder body is based on the screw block. The difference can be adjusted, so that the ideal thread element structure can be flexibly combined according to the material requirements such as the material variety, so as to realize various processes such as material transportation, plasticization, refinement, shearing, exhausting, building pressure and extruding, thereby The contradiction between the so-called screw versatility and the speciality which is generally difficult to balance is well solved, and the purpose of multi-purpose and multi-function is achieved. Another advantage of the "building block" design is that the screw and barrel components that are worn out can be partially replaced, avoiding the scrapping of the entire screw or barrel, greatly reducing maintenance costs.


l, the main engine twin-screw is a high-speed co-directional meshing type, which can produce very strong and complicated material transfer exchange and split mixing in various thread and mixing components. Combine and shear kneading and the like. These effects can be fully controlled by changing the screw configuration and operating process conditions to meet the requirements of various processes.


2. Accurate metering and reasonable feeding method are the key to strictly implement the formula, and also the first level to ensure product quality. According to the performance of the material, the user Needed, with a variety of feeding methods, such as volumetric measurement, dynamic weight loss measurement, etc., to meet the needs of different products.


3, advanced control system. The extruder is equipped with an advanced and beautiful control system, and most of its control components are imported components with good quality and high sensitivity. The operating parameters of the main engine such as current, voltage, temperature and torque are very intuitive, so it is very convenient to operate and the requirements for the operator are not high.


4. The system is equipped with several kinds of dicing methods such as drawing water-cooled pelletizing, hot-cutting water-cooling, and hot-cutting air-cooling. It can be configured according to different materials and user requirements.


Three, advantages


1, intuitively understand the wear and tear of wearing parts. Thanks to the easy opening, the threaded components and the inner bushings of the barrel can be found at any time for effective maintenance or replacement. It is not discovered when there is a problem with the product being smashed, causing unnecessary waste. 2. Reduce production costs. When making masterbatch, it is often necessary to change the color. If it is necessary to replace the product, open the open processing area in a few minutes, and also analyze the mixing process by observing the melt profile on the entire screw. At present, the ordinary twin-screw extruder needs to use a large amount of cleaning materials to clean the machine when replacing the color, which is time consuming, expensive, and wastes raw materials. The split-type twin-screw extruder can solve this problem. When the color is changed, the barrel can be quickly opened and manually cleaned in a few minutes, so that the cleaning material can be used or not, which saves the cost.  


3. Improve labor efficiency. In the maintenance of equipment, the ordinary twin-screw extruder often has to remove the heating and cooling system, and then withdraw the screw as a whole. The split-type twin-screw is not used. Just loosen a few bolts and turn the worm gear handle to raise the upper half of the barrel to open the entire barrel and then perform maintenance. This reduces maintenance time and labor intensity.  


4, high torque, high speed. At present, the development trend of the twin-screw extruder in the world is to develop toward high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect brought by high speed is high productivity. The split-type twin-screw extruder belongs to this category and its speed can be increased by 500 rpm. Therefore, it has unique advantages in processing high viscosity and heat sensitive materials.


5, a wide range of applications, can be applied to the processing of a variety of materials


6, with ordinary The twin-screw extruder has other advantages that enable high throughput, high quality, and high efficiency.  


4. Application examples


1, glass fiber reinforced, fuel-resistant granulation ( Such as: PA6, PA66, PET, PBT, PP. PC enhanced flame retardant, etc.) 


2, high filler granulation (such as: PE, PP filling 75% CaCO.)


3, heat-sensitive material granulation (eg PVC, XLPE cable material) 


4, thick masterbatch (eg: filled with 50% toner)


5, antistatic masterbatch, alloy, coloring, low fill blend Granulation 


6, cable material granulation (eg, sheathing material, insulating material)


< p="">7, XLPE pipe material granulation (such as: masterbatch for hot water cross-linking)


8, thermosetting plastic mixing and extruding (such as: phenolic resin) , epoxy resin, powder coating)


9, hot melt adhesive, PU reaction granulation (eg EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane)


10, K resin, SBS devolatilization granules



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