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The equipment composition and main features of the cable-forming machine
- 2019-04-10-

Cable Machine Equipment Composition

Attacher, Stranded Body, Wire mold base, wrapping machine, loading machine, metering device, traction device Take-up frame, drive system and electrical system.

The main component of the cable-forming machine

1.The cage is similar to the stranding cage of the stranding machine, and there is insulation on the stranding cage. The wire tray of the core disc. The various types of cable-forming machines have different number of cable trays. Large cable-forming machines are generally three or six wire racks, and small cable-forming machines can have 18 or 24 or more wire racks. There are brakes on each of the reels of the cage to control the tension of the core during twisting. The speed of the winch is adjusted by the shifting gear and the direction of rotation can also be changed. There are fixed struts at the front of the cage to hold the filling reel.

2.Mold base

The parallel mold can be replaced as needed. Its function is to make several insulated cores merge and twist into the correct round cable.

3.Package head

The structure is similar to the paper head. There are usually 3 or 6 belt clips on the back, which are used for the outer belt of the cable core and the paper tape. , glass cloth tape or film tape, etc.

4.The tractor

consists of a large-diameter rotatable disc and a dial ring, which moves the core in a straight line and has a part that can adjust the speed, stranding The pitch is mainly controlled by the rotational speed of the traction.

5. The wire take-up device

is used to wind the twisted cable around the take-up reel, and the storage speed should match the traction speed.

6. Place the centerline's take-up stand.

Main features of cable-forming machine

1, variety, full specifications, applicable Wide, users can select the appropriate cable-forming equipment as needed.

2, with back and twist function. The back-twisting method includes a back-twist ring back-twisting and a planetary gear wheel back-twisting and a sprocket type back-twisting.

3. Pre-twisted forms are divided into manual pre-twisting and electric pre-twisting. The disc clamping is divided into manual and electric clamping. The winding line has shaft and shaftless forms.


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