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How to operate the wrapping machine?
- 2019-05-10-
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1, Paper Machine Equipment Composition and Use:

The machine is mainly composed of an active wrapping paper tray, a traction mechanism, a aligning mechanism and a wire take-up mechanism, and is used for covering a single or twisted wire center wrapping paper such as PE or PVC.

2, main technical parameters

Drive power:  1HP (frequency control)

Applicable wire diameter:  ; φ1mm~φ5mm

wrapping speed:   5~60m/min

wrapping pitch:  5~20mm stepless adjustable

Reel size: φ500 (outer diameter) Xφ80 (inner hole) X300 (inner width)

Pack    Paper: 

Applicable materials: cotton paper, wheat Pull paper, aluminum foil

Paper turntable: Disk diameter 250mm, width 10mm~30mm, aperture φ50

3, operation explanation:

3.1 Wind threading method: Refer to the general equipment department diagram, command the wind thread that can be parallel to the wind thread to the outside according to the direction of the graphic representation; in order to increase the traction, It is also possible to wrap the thread for selection.

3.2 stepless speed charter handle: Change the wrapping paper pitch by adjusting the drag speed.

      Note! When the machine prohibits speed modularity, stop.

3.3 Input paper angle standard lever: In the future start the lathe loose standard lever base compaction screw, swing the standard lever angle to the appropriate angle , tighten the compression screw.

3.4 Packaging Force Adjustment Device: Loosen or tighten the adjusting nut to adjust the paper strength.

3.5 Restore the wire force adjustment device: Loosen or tighten the adjusting nut to adjust the wire tension.

3.6 Electronic Digital Defining Meter: Create meters and survey wraps.

3.7 Machine start and speed modular reference drive operating manual

3.8 It is recommended that the normal starting frequency be above 20Hz to avoid the ultra-low speed long-term revolution and avoid the continuous high-speed operation time of the machine in the long-term.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of equipment

Lubricate or grease the transmission parts such as bearing housings, bearings, gearboxes and ejector rods regularly;

Always check whether the connecting parts are loose or not, and the machine has no abnormal noise to eliminate accidents.

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