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Category of stranding machine
- 2019-05-21-

High-speed stranding machine classification editing:

The stranding machine is generally twisted Can be divided into single stranding machine, twisting machine, high speed stranding machine, back twisting machine, cage stranding machine, frame stranding machine, tubular stranding machine and disc stranding machine.

Single-twisting machine

Three types of discrete single-stranding machine, horizontal cantilever single-stranding machine and hanging frame single-stranding machine. It is mainly used in high-frequency lines, electronic lines, data lines, electronic wire core twisting and multi-strand twisting of HDMI, DP, USB, CAT-7.

Twisting machine

Used for twisting of high-frequency data cable, telephone line 5#, core wire payment, etc.

High-speed stranding machine<>

It can be divided into automatic tension high speed stranding machine and manual tension high speed stranding machine. It is mainly used in computer cable, headphone cable, electronic cable, power cable, telephone line, car line, network cable, PVC cable and other copper wire stranding.

Returning machine

Applicable to the retraction (flashback) of the high-frequency digital cable, which promotes the position of the insulated core wire during the total payment, and overcomes the twist When the torsional stress is uneven, the high-speed twisting can still achieve uniform quality and accurate pitch. It adopts four-burning and twisting, and the rotating speed can reach 600R.PM. The anti-twist effect is good and the performance is excellent.

High-speed cantilever type

Applicable to control cable, communication cable, data cable, coaxial cable, etc. PE or PVC coated core wire stranding and center belt or side belt Sexual completion. Mainly used for wire core stranding with higher precision requirements.

High-speed suspension frame type

is suitable for twisting of PE or PVC cored wire such as control cable, communication cable, power cable, etc. Belted.

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