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Structure of the looper
- 2019-06-26-


winding machinestructure

The coiling unit is mainly composed of three parts, namely the storage line type automatic tension control release frame, the metering device and the high speed winding main unit.

1, the coiling unit stores the loading section of the automatic lifting control loading rack

Storage type automatic tension control take-up frame, lever type upper disc device, can quickly replace the pay-off reel, release speed and The host is fully synchronized.

2, the metering part of the coiling unit - metering device

The instrument wheel is equipped with a half-meter wheel and the pressure roller is coated with rubber. The front wheel and the spinning wheel use a one-way bearing, and the screw can only move forward and cannot move backward. The meter adopts an electronic digital display meter device (DY type), which is convenient for the user to set the circumference of the watch wheel, and achieves the purpose of measuring the length of the watch in units of rolls and rolls.

3, looping unit host

1) The use of stretch sliding cable arranging device, the winding layer winding speed is fast.

2) The tension of the cable depends on the self-tension of the cable, which can guarantee the cable The pitch is not affected by the size of the wire diameter, so that the wires are arranged in parallel to form a layered winding.

3) Using variable frequency control soft start and automatic braking technology, set the acceleration time in the inverter , to avoid too fast speed pull cable. There are acceleration time, normal winding time and deceleration time at startup. When the meter value reaches the set number of meters per disk, the inverter has an automatic braking function, and the host activates the interlocking braking function to stop the motor.

4) The reel has an automatic telescopic device.


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